First anniversary of the sale of Goowy to AOL

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I can't believe how fast time flies... This past January 30th officially marked the

one year anniversary of the AOL acquisition of Goowy Media


Some of the things, both personal and professional that I've done since January of last year:

  • closed down the Goowy office in San Diego's Gaslamp District

  • sold my condo in San Diego's East Village

  • converted users of Goowy's original webtop product to AOL Mail

  • moved to Santa Monica

  • migrated Goowy's datacenter from Complex Drive to an AOL operated facility

  • attended my dad's 59th birthday party - he says he's not celebrating his 60th birthday this year

  • brought on additional support to help Goowy with its growth in the new environment

  • witnessed the Bris of my cousin's second son, Jack

  • worked with AOL's PlatformA group to roll out widgets as ads which have shown success with various campaigns

  • had an absolutely amazing bachelor party in Playa del Carmen which Alex orchestrated brilliantly

  • worked through countless product releases for yourminis

  • took off for a few weeks to see Thien's heritage in Vietnam, to get married in Thailand and to honeymoon in The Maldives

I'm sure I've missed a lot in that quick synopsis, but there is no doubt that it has been a busy - and exciting year. Time sure does fly..

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