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I've started down this road many a time before. But this time, I think things are different. I think I can actually follow through. Actually, it's time to forget about what I think I can do. It's time to face reality and admit that I


to do this! That's right - I have to get into shape.

After taking what amounts to a month off from reality in January, and spending it lying on beaches and kicking back cocktails, I've come back to the real world and have realized that I'm out of shape and really need to change that - fast! I've always been a sucker for the fads and ways to "buy" my way into shape, and so I was glued to the TV watching the


infomercial. After spending a few minutes being ridiculed by Thien about my thoughts of getting a rock-hard bod through the acquisition of a couple of DVDs, it's finally sunk in that I just need to hit the gym.

And with that, this is my public declaration of my desire to get back into shape. My regimen will include going to the gym at least three times a week - with two additional workouts outside of the gym. The gym workouts will include the usual weight training along with cardio (at least one spin class per week while training to run a 5K). Outside of the gym, the goal is to go on a hike at least once a week and to also play an active sport - like basketball or tennis - again, at least once per week.

This is a pretty agreesive goal and I'm not sure that I'll have too much time left to do anything else, but it's about time and it's gotta happen. It all starts today with spin class at 6...

Wish me well! ;)

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