Celebrity sighting - Robert LaSardo

Robert LaSardo

Thien and I were just pulling into the parking lot at our local Vons, and just as Thien turned off the engine, we both stared into the distance at someone walking by our car. The guy was wearing a hoodie, baggie pants and holding a bag of groceries and he wouldn't be particularly interesting, except he had tattoos running along the site of his neck. Although that was likely what caught our initial attention, we continued to stare because we both recognized him.

The guy in the hoodie was an actor named

Robert LaSardo

- and I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't just looked it up. Thien and I "knew" Robert from his stint as Escobar Gallardo on


. And yes, that means that I'm "outting" myself yet again, as someone that enjoys the show. Robert saw us staring from the car, turned and kept walking - it seems like he probably lives within blocks of the store.

In any case, as much as you had to hate his Nip/Tuck character, the guy definitely made an impression on the show and it was pretty cool to see him in such a normal setting.

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