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I've been dreading April 15th for at least a few months, and subconsciously probably even longer than that. Since I owed quite a bit of money, I elected for the government to come and grab it from my account, no sooner than April 15th. That said, I certainly expected that the money would be gone by the time I checked my account first thing in the morning.

As I started my day, I saw




: "

the day the IRS robs my bank"

I quickly checked my account and saw that my money was safe and sound. I checked multiple times throughout the morning and early afternoon, and the money was still there. I was getting nervous, thinking that the government would want my money as soon as it could get it, and so I reached out to my accountant. She looked into my filing and verified that everything was as it should have been.

A couple of hours later, with my funds still intact, I asked my friends about their status and all that I asked confirmed that their banks had not yet been robbed. It is now just 90 minutes shy of midnight, and my money is still in the bank.

I guess I'm confused as to how the money could still be in my account given the harsh economic climate that our state and federal governments are dealing with. How much money was left sitting in private accounts today? I won't claim to know how the government deals with their money, but I assume they somehow earn interest on it? How much did the government lose in possible revenue from interest by leaving it in our personal accounts?

In any case, today came and went, just like any other day - and I'm not complaining...


Well, I guess I posted to early... when I checked this morning, I had been "robbed" at some point last night... either way, seems like the money should have been taken first thing in the morning rather than just before midnight.

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