Moving over to SquareSpace

Moving over to SquareSpace

I've had a bad case of writer's block. It's been going on for years.

I know it has nothing to do with my blog having been on Blogger. But I needed a change of scenery. And with that, I've now moved over to SquareSpace.

Why SquareSpace? I don't have an overwhelming reason for the decision. I wanted it to be easy and painless for me. I wanted it to be modern and I wanted to see that it was maintained and frequently improved. As well, SquareSpace's minimal level of customization makes it less likely that I'll do something to cause myself any real level of pain. Social Leverage is on SquareSpace too and having one less place to log into is nice.

I had installed the "Tudor" template, about a year ago, when I was first contemplating the switch. Today, I add "the blog" and set it as the default home page. I also added and updated an about page.

Some additional work involved

  • importing my old content from Blogger, which was pretty easy given my minimal content

  • mapping URLs over from the previous .html convention to one that doesn't use it

  • switching over the domain @ GoDaddy, made effortless by SquareSpace

One immediate benefit in the move is that the site is now automatically using SSL.

And with that, welcome to my first post in some time, now on SquareSpace! I'm hoping this will spur some more frequent content, but time will tell.

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