Thoughts on One Paseo

The sun has made its return to Sun Diego, after what has felt like four months of non-stop rain. I know, I know. I'm surely not asking for sympathy, but living here, it's easy to get accustomed to the weather being great.

This past weekend, my wife Thien and I stopped by One Paseo. One Paseo is a new live/work development a short distance from our home and we were there picking up lunch.

I'm sure the beautiful, sunny day had a part in it, but as I walked through the plaza, I felt as if I were in a different world. Everything was bright and clean and new. The stores that have opened include Blue Bottle, Good Greens, Soulcycle and Shake Shack. I'm already looking forward to the many great stores that are yet to open.

I think part of the magic of the place is that the buildings are just tall enough. They're tall enough that as I walked down the wide brick paths, everything beyond seemed to be masterfully hidden away. The center is right off of a major road, but everything was quiet and serene. It helped that there was a musician serenading passerby.

I went back today for some Blue Bottle Coffee. The coffee was great. I sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air and did some work. The only thing lacking was the wifi, which didn't seem to be available. Hopefully next time.

I'm looking forward to enjoying this new space and think it will serve as a terrific gathering spot.

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